Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snail Tails

In the midst of all this rain, I was leaving work one evening and looked down to find all these beautiful SNAILS crossing the sidewalk, hanging off the iris leaves, and in the dandelions.  The complexity of their shells and the beautiful colors intrigued me. Isn't God amzing to have created such an unusual creature?   I immediately ran in, put 6 in a cup and brought them home to Pyper.  She was enthralled by them.  Raegan really enjoyed them, too! 

Our nanny, Mrs. Carolyn, had raised snails many years ago, and taught the girls all about them.  Built a terrarium, and discussed how they ate, moved, where their homes were, how they are classified as mollusks, etc.  I tried to explain that snails were invertebrates, but got the glazed look from Pyper.  Perhaps that was a bit over her head...

Pyper loved to put them on her arms and watch the "SLIME" trail.  She identified their antennae and explained how they worked.  See why I love homeschooling??? This is just so cool!

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