Thursday, November 29, 2012

Egg-Celent Find!

I've been such a bad blogger lately.  Between work, home and the pharmacy, I feel as though I never get caught up, let alone have enough time to blog about it.  

When we open the chicken coop door in the mornings, only my heritage breed girls, Ida Mae, Mable and their babies, Fannie and Barry stay in the coop run-in while the other girls and guy fly the coop.  They laughed at our attempts to keep them enclosed...and I'm secretly happy about that.  So, they jump into the open window that houses all our hay and lay their eggs.  I was feeding hay one afternoon to the horses, and found a nest of 24 eggs (pictured above).  Little Steven came out to help me, and we brought them in.  The blues, greens whites and occasional brown eggs are so pretty.  Seeing as the temps have been in the 20's-40's the last week or so, (especially in our barn), I decided they were good to eat.  And they were!  YUM! 

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