Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's EGG-celent!

Lately, when we go into the chicken coop, we see one of our Buff Orpington girls sitting on eggs. Above is Goldie. She and her sisters, Honey Pot, and Ida Mae have become broody, wanting to sit on their eggs all day long. We gently pick them up, and put them outside with the others so they can free range. We're not ready for a clutch of chicks yet. They don't seem to mind to much...
Here are some of the eggs that we have gathered. Everyday, we get eggs. Anywhere from 3 to 8 a day. It's amazing. If we let them out earlier in the morning, they lay their eggs in the horse's run in shed, or in Pyper's plastic play house. We have EGG-Ventures to try to find their nest's and stashes. It's a lot of fun. If we leave them in the coop until noon or so, there are always beautiful eggs awaiting us in the box. Or if the girls hog the boxes, then sometimes, we find eggs on the ground.

I made my dad some over easy eggs, and look at the color of these yolks! That, my friends, is the sign of healthy, happy chickens that get to free-range for their food. The yolks are almost neon orange. You can taste the difference, too. So rich and creamy, lower in cholesterol and higher in omega 3's. Yummy!

Pyper and I made a batch of cornbread. Can you tell the store bought egg from the fresh farm egg? The store bought egg pales in comparison...literally.

Something to think about the next time you pick up a carton of eggs, huh? Try to by from local farmer's markets or find someone like me, that has happy, healthy chickens laying delicious eggs!

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